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I am not only my vagina

I am just not my VAGINA

I am MUCH more

Women through ages have just been seen as a sexual product but let’s accept the fact that they are much more. They are the ones who can work all day long in the offices and still end up cooking at night for the family, she’s the one who can go on transferring weights at home to lifting weights at gym, her running errands can be witnessed at home to office. Then why not evaluate her on her caliber and strength, instead of accepting her on the sexual benefits that can be driven out of her.

Past few years this has been a topic of wide discussion and to mention, it has also yielded positive results. But it doesn’t ends here there’s a long way to go, until women’s body isn’t a source of sexual needs but just a body unlike any other creature and she gets to have a stand equal to men.

Not to miss out men also strive hard to achieve what they want so let’s take a moment and also appreciate their efforts, they also have equal role in providing us what we want.

Let’s make it a uniform society

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