The Absolute Enigma of South-North

Poles apart where region divides yet human unites, These are the places where culture fights, North is a place where you will feel the warmth, And, South is where you’ll tend to get calm!

 If you are a North Indian and visited South, you can totally relate to it!

We all have some dreams to visit South India and find solace in the lush greenery and cool breeze. As heard, the weather of Bangalore will not allow you to leave this place and that’s damn true. You won’t like to go in the scorching heat back again. But, there are some challenges you often face in this city.

The Bangalore is a mixture of different cultures as people from varied states have migrated here. However, it’s culture is still intact and has not lost like Delhi. The urbanised city in Karnataka, you will find the local language being ‘Kannada’ but guess what! Being a ‘UP wali’ and then a half-cored Delhiite, it became the biggest struggle for me to differentiate between Kannada, Telugu and Malayali. I could hardly figure out that the person I am talking to is from Karnataka, Andhra or Kerala- weird know?

The food dilemma!

Being a North Indian, I had a dream to taste a South Indian authentic ‘Dosa’ and with luck by chance, I landed up in Bangalore and with high hopes and dreams got to taste the authentic South Indian food. But, my aim shattered. As you know, we northern people have some different kinds of taste buds which do not acknowledge the authentic taste of the food thus, I ordered later ‘my style of dosa’ with added spices to feed myself. Hopeless creature! I could not value the South Indian food.

The bhaichara feeling!

The north people are so obsessed with the ‘bhaichara’ feeling that while one of my friends was smoking up, he borrowed a chair from the next shop. You won’t believe, we had to escape the situation as the South owner was about to kill us with sarcasm because they don’t allow trespassing with gestures of ‘arey Bhai apni he kursi samjho’.

A strict no to- 

ae bhaiya khali hai?’I am a patriot north Indian who has the habit of blocking the road to wait for the rickshaw and shout- ae bhaiya khali hai?; or ae bhaiya chaloge? I could get the high standard and elite class feeling of commuting to the office when I found that there are no rickshaws in this city. May the cab take 30 minutes to arrive your pick up point and you reach office in 2 hours but, you HAVE to board the cab (there is no other option).

It is not just a mix veg Sambhar!

For North Indians, preparing a Dosa or Idli is a weekend task. The whole family gathers and the ladies are present in the kitchen since morning to prepare the delicious dish which gets ready to eat in the afternoon. A complete dedication is involved you know! But, to our surprise, the sambhar here gets ready in a snap of fingers. And, you will get sambhar of any veggie be it a radish or turnip. Afterall, south people have not set patterns and restrictions to prepare something.

The division of God!

To your shock or surprise whatever way you take, we are not only geographically away but also myth logically disconnected. As per our mythology, the ‘Param Pujya Ganesh Ji’ has two wives ‘Riddhi and Siddhi’ however, as per South Indian culture, Ganesh ji is unmarried and this is where my head took a spin realizing that we are too far away from the approach of South Indians!At last, if you have a plan to visit Bangalore from North India in near future, stay updated as per the city standards and keep your hidden expectations at the bay! 

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