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This too shall pass…

Life is a temporary loan. While everything is short-lived and constantly changing, acceptance comes hard because we as humans seek permanence in life. Change is inevitable but not every change is beautiful. 

Moments come and go, but you and I, tend to hold on. Today was beautiful, so we expect every day to be a beautiful one. A mere change, as opposed to our expectations, feels disheartening. 

The ups pass, and the downs knock at our door, and we succumb to it. We succumb to the sad phase and feel so unfortunate that life appears to be all shady and dark. ‘Tomorrow will be no good’ is all that we say, because again we fall prey to holding on. Happiness appears far-fetched because everything feels falling apart. 

In either of the circumstances, we live in the fear of change. Good days bring a fear of their unexpected end, while bad days bring a fear of their permanence. 

While what we forget is that every phase is transient. Sometimes, the change is not under our control, and sometimes we are responsible for it, but change, no matter good or bad, is bound to happen. What exists today, doesn’t promise a sure existence tomorrow because nothing is permanent. A bad day doesn’t last, but so is a good day. The quest to hold on to either of them will only give rise to hardships and distress.

 Accept things the way they come. Laugh your heart out on the good days, and mourn all the bad days. Don’t be disheartened if today wasn’t your day or things didn’t work the way you wanted them to. Everything is momentary, and this too shall pass.

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