Woman: The Standing Pillar for All

“No work is discovered so far which a woman cannot accomplish”

woman is an all-rounder. She can beat you professionally with her ‘beauty with brains’, she accepts challenges and makes efforts to be victorious. She concerns for her family as she is the only leading lady. A woman cradles her child with the beautiful impressions as they would be the next generation of our society.

A woman with her unconditional love would take you to paradise; she will do anything for your happiness. But where disloyalty strikes, she will destroy you with her rage. There’s nothing more curseful than a woman’s vengeance.

Women are independent. We are the creatures who are a fusion of emotions and practicality; it depends on the one which you can appreciate and handle. 

Who says that the society bounds woman?

A woman cannot be restricted as her soul is true. A seeking woman does not mind society restricting her rather; she has the power to conquer criticism.

We women, have immense supremacy which distinguishes us. No wound other than the emotional dilemma can smash a woman. But here too, the lady comes out as a survival and flourish in her life.

However, there are some ‘positive and negative distractions’ which come on our paths due to which we feel weak, rejected and pained; we also deviate. At this moment we need to believe that- “our dignity, sacrifices and self-respect defines us”. 

We women, are the face of our family, society, country but also the easily targeted ones. We have to take care of ourselves as, only we are the ones who can give this society, this country and this world their future.

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